We’re still having issues…

Unfortunately we still have issues to resolve, specifically with user game data—scores and games cannot be reliably matched to users. A number of you have already noted this in the forum and it look like we may have to revert to a copy of the game database that dates back to April. We may be able to save some of the data that’s been added to the game database since then, but we can’t guaranty that at this point. We’ll do our best to do so though.

That said, the game and site be shut down at 10:00PM New York time this evening, and we hope to have everything back up and running by 8:00AM tomorrow morning with at least the game data through April. After that, we’ll see what can be done about the data for the games that have been played since April.

Thanks again for your incredible patience and perseverance,

– the admin folks

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